My name is Sara and I'm a writer. I've completed my first novel. Whew. I was born and raised in Star Valley, Wyoming on a small 40 acre farm. I was named after my Mom and Dad. Sa for Sally and Ra for Ray - SARA. I've always felt it a distinguishing characteristic to be named after both of my parents. My sweet Dad passed away two years ago, in December of 2010. It was reflecting upon his support of my writing that began this adventure. He didn't hope that I'd be a writer or push for it in any way. But he KNEW I could be if I wanted to be.  I want to be and so here I am.

I have four beautiful children. They are my life and my full time job. I squeeze in my writing in the wee hours after they close their eyes and in the early mornings before I hear their tiny footsteps outside my door. They are my muses and I learn from them every day.

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